Facial Cream

Chemical Peels

$50-80   30 Minutes

This treatment is a great adjunct to your injection services or alone as chemical peels can decrease the look of fine lines, acne scars, and skin discoloration. 

 These peels can soften the skin, provide a more youthful look, and help to improve the clarity of the skin. 

Illuminize peel: Light peel. Minimal downtime. This one is perfect for more sensitive skin or acne. It has the ability to shrink pores and decrease blackheads. Works gently on the skin, but brightens skin appearance. 

Vitalize peel: Mild peel that addresses visible skin imperfections resultant from damaged skin cells including skin aging and sun exposure. It contains salicylic acid which has the ability to lessen inflammation and free clogged pores. This has a 48-hour post-service onset with a 2-3 day peel time. The effects of this peel are seen for several months.